Maybe you’ve invested in a great SEO strategy to drive quality traffic to your online store, but once your shoppers arrive they don’t engage with your other products. Or maybe you’ve got a thoughtfully designed catalog for browsing but your site search looks like an afterthought.

I can help you fix your ecommerce site search to engage and convert online shoppers.

I use my expertise in Search Relevancy, Search UX, and Search Analytics to help online retailers sell more products. Unlike ecommerce web development or design agencies, I focus exclusively on site search optimization. I use my expertise in search engines, information architecture, and data analytics to deliver a complete search experience designed to connect shoppers to products they want to buy.

Why should you listen to me?

I specialize in the “last mile” of search — the search that takes place on your own site.

I’ve spent my career helping clients create data-intensive software systems with a special focus on the best ways to find things. There’s a reason many online stores look great but, when you try to use the on-site search, things fall apart. That’s because the default search functionality of every ecommerce platform is awful. But it takes specialized skills to fix search problems — skills most people don’t have. Unlike your typical web design or web development agency, I have the skills to make search work for you. And, if you hire me, you’ll be working directly with me.

I Might Not Be For You

If you have a small catalog of products (dozens of items) then optimizing your site search is probably not going to make too much of an impact. You’re better off investing in your product pages and category browsing experience.

If you have a very limited development budget or no appetite for investing in your online store, I might not be for you. I provide a hands-on consulting service and I treat every client as a valued partner. My services are customized to meet your specific needs.

But, if you’re serious about optimizing site search to engage customers and drive more revenue, contact me for a free consultation. While you may not be ready for my full services, I’m happy to help you get going on your own. This is a great time to get started and I’d like to help you! I look forward to hearing from you.